Alrighty, we’re back. The last couple of days here in Arizona have been packed schedule wise. Monday morning was our last ‘workout’ at the field and the atmosphere was pretty laid-back. Winny (Winfree) and I left our place at around 7:30 to get us to the field at 8 for a 9:00 practice. After signing some baseballs and cards for fans on the way in (talk about die-hard, anyone who is up at 7:45am just asking for an autograph is a serious fan, and guys always take the time to sign their stuff)..sorry for the aside.. in any case, after making it into the clubhouse I wandered into the kitchen for some breakfast, mostly just cereal, toast and stuff. The clubhouse attendants here really do a great job of making sure all kinds of food is always available.
       Practice itself was pretty light, stretch throw and shag really about sums it up. I long tossed and got a good short pen in towards the end of BP, still a little rusty from the 3 weeks off, but pretty good all around. After practice a handful of players (the Twins contingent included) stuck around to lift in the clubhouse gym… way easier than having to go to a local Fitness Club.
       I spent the rest of my day hanging out with my Dad who was in on business, which was great. The company he works for has offices all over the country which affords him the chance to "call on some offices" in just about any city I might be in for baseball. Anyway, hes the man and its great whenever we get a chance to hang out…

    That’s all for Monday.. I’m going to get Dave to write about Tuesday, our first game, and everything he has been up to here in Arizona.

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    Thank you all for doing this. It is interesting to read how your days go.

    Kevin, it must be a whirlwind in your life this year considering all the stops baseball has taken you in 2006.

    I am sure you have one of the proudest Dad’s in the country.

    I know I would be of my boys, not only working towards the majors but putting on the USA and winning in Cuba!

    That would make any Dad smile a mile wide.

    Thanks again guys.

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