Round 1

Well, the day started off just like any other day this week. Woke up about 7:00 and headed straight to the kitchen obviously to head for a granola bar or two. I don’t like to eat too much for breakfest unless it is on a day off. Slowey and I headed to Hohokam Park and our brand new sleek Dodge Caliber rental. It may be the slowest car in the history of automobiles. I think about 4 cylinders tops, but its great on gas. We arrived at the field slowly but surely, headed to straight to my locker to get ready for some early hitting. After some early hitting with out hitting coach JT and some guys on the team I head back in to relax and grab a Gatorade nutritional shake. We are really taken care off in the clubhouse as far as anything we need or want. I couldnt ask for anymore. At 10 we headed off to the field on a charter bus as always two to a seat me and Matt Moses two Va. boys together. Matt was getting the start that day at third. So I sat around just taking everything in for the first 5 innings. I came in at third for Matt in the 6th. A little nerves were flowing the field was a litle faster than normal and we all know defense is not the strongest part of my game. I got an at bat in the 9th not exactly your ideal one 3 pitches, I took the change-up for a strike, and two check swing sliders for strikes. I was def. hoping to see a fastball at least one since I havent seen pitching in 3 weeks. Oh well though rough at bat it wont be the last. Thats why its a great sport  because we have another game today. After the game we headed out to Zipps Sports Bar and Grill to play a little shuffle board and pool. We were there to watch the Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock UFC fight it ended up being about a 2:23 minute fight with Ortiz dominating the fight. I def. wanted the vet. Shamrock to win. I headed home after that to relax and talk a little baseball with Slowey trying to figure out how pitchers think. Def. a huge advantage to rooming with a pitcher. Then off to bed for about a 9 hour sleep since we gladly had a night game the next day. Until the next time…..



    good luck this fall david.. tell your mom & sister that i said hey (this is robby hale, your cousin from wv)..


    Good Luck tonight! Nerves are understandable for your first game in awhile. Show them how you can really play. Go Sox! (That’s weird to say as a Twins fan)


    I know you’ll do a GREAT job! It’ll take a bit to get adjusted to everything, but I have no doubt you will.
    I like being able to keep up with the games through this site. I can see how you are doing all the way from the OBX. Best of luck in the AFL. Stay safe…


    On fall break here in Surprise (teacher) and got to take in the game today (10/12), well the first 7 innings anyways. Was nice to see Tolbert play (the guy behind the dish had a strike zone the size of a tea cup) and man Sawatski can hum it. Missed seeing the rest of y’all play. Look forward to catching you guys again when the Sox come back to the West Valley. You guys helped to fill my void, I missed the Twins playing live for the first time in 21 years this year, it was nice to catch a glipse of the future too.


    My Mom and I went to your game VS the Rafters on Oct 12th. We moved to the area from Minnesota a year ago and really miss the Twins. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. It was wonderful seeing those Twins uniforms in person. We are going to try and see some more games. Mom (81 yrs young) wanted to come down by the dugout to talk to you guys but she uses a walker and she would have had a hard time getting down the stairs. We will try and work on that the next time!


    hope all is well in az me and ape r just hangin out goin to the beach and ridin on the boat, and keepin the cars runnin till u get home haha
    hope the twins babysittin service(AFL) is keepin u n line go win some money at the casino!!

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