Day 6,899

Day number 6,899 give or take a few. Well, today was definately a long long day, It started off by Slowey walking in my room at 8:30 with me still sound asleep in bed. We were supposed to leave at 8:30, so I got up and scrambled to get ready. Stretch wasnt until 10, but we like to get there a little early so we can take our time, and so he can get a quick lift in and I can do some early hitting. I grabbed an energy drink and off to the field half asleep. We had BP and infield today so that will always take a little out of you, but I hate not taking BP. After that I pigged out on the spread for a little while, then got ready for the game. I got out onto the field about 12:35 to get stretched out, and sign some autographs. The game was a long one. I went 1 for 3 with a two run homerun and two walks. Had a couple plays a flyball which can always be interesting in the AZ high sky, and two ground balls. We went into extras and ended the game in a 5 to 5 tie. After the game I got a quick legs workout in the gym, and then headed for a burrito at the best place ever Moe’s Southwest Grill. On the way home we stopped by Barnes and Noble to grab a book my buddy Steve Tolleson told me about its called The Richest Man Who Ever Lived. Eventhough reading isnt my favorite thing to do, I still make sure I get a little bit in, its good for you. I apologize for not keeping up with Slowey on the blogs, he’s a pitcher he has way too much time on his hands. I will try to put 1 or 2 more in before the end of the season.



    Congrats on another HR! I think that’s great. Signing autographs, huh? My goodness. I’m sure the folks in Arizona are enjoying seeing these games and watching all the stars of tomorrow. I know I would, too. Keep on improving and good luck to you ALL as you finish out the season. And, don’t be too hard on Slowey, he’s trying.


    I enjoyed the title and opening line. 🙂 Sounds like you had a good day (except for that getting out of bed early part)–keep it up!

    And we expect a book report. Just kidding.

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