Lots of things.

And we’re back. Sorry its been so long since the last post, the internet connection here at our place has been less than tremendous. In any case, there are plenty of notes on the past week to fill everyone in on. Lets start with baseball.

  Since we last posted, the Mesa Solar Sox have been en fuego, winning  4 of 5 to bring our record to a hugely respectable 6-5. As you can see, we can no longer claim a ‘tie’ on our record, as we resumed and completed that game yesterday ( with an 8-7 victory in a record 17 innings…don’t mind if we do). So, with all of our games completed we are just one game behind Phoenix ( at 7-4). Granted 11 games is hardly a substantial sample size, but the whole team seems to be playing much better, and more comfortably if that makes any sense. Maybe we just needed a little time to get started.

  Personally Ive had two outings since my last post. My first outing, against the Peoria Javelinas, was a little shaky . I came out of the pen in relief of Errol Simonitsch with 2 outs and runners on first and second. I worked out of it with no real problem, but the next inning was a bit more exacting. I couldn’t seem to locate anything but a fastball, and the hitters were all over it. Three hits later I snuck out of the inning on a line-drive double play, giving up only one run, but hitting a lot of barrels. The next couple days during pre-game I tried to work on breaking ball command off to the side while BP was going on, and I think its helped get things back into working order. My second outing came yesterday in the 12,13,and 14th innings of our 17 inning game in Surprise. Oddly enough, the 12th through 14th innings afforded me a chance to start the game, instead of come out of the pen. Having already completed 11 innings, I warmed up for the 12th as though it were the 1st, so when we resumed play I felt like a starter again. Anyway, I threw three good innings, only giving up one hit and walking one guy. ( I hate walks, but these hitters are too good to just throw stuff right down the middle to). After I came out, we brought in Mark McLemore, who held Surprise scoreless for three more innings until our offense broke through to finally win the game.

  In non-baseball news, the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers just scored again in Atlanta to take a 17-7 lead midway through the 2nd quarter. Big Ben looked much improved last week in the Kansas City massacre, and is looking on point today. My fellow Steeler fans Jonathan Mayo and Larry ‘the shark’ Bennese never had any doubts. Larry, by the way, has been dominating the training room at Hohokam Park, keeping all of us game-ready. Anyway, everything else here in Mesa/Scottsdale is pretty regular, great weather and lots of baseball with the occasional mall trip or movie run mixed in. Thats all for now, feel free to post some questions or comments and Ill respond to them whenever I get the chance. Back to the Steelers game…..


  1. lisz1789@aim.com

    Congrats on your wins. You guys completely deserved them, especially the postponed game. Good luck this week. Go Steelers!

  2. bethann_donarski@cargill.com

    Good job guys! Some times it just takes a while to get in the groove and it seems you are in it now!
    So who are you all cheering for in the WS? Once the Twins were out I had to pick another team to follow, and any team that can knock the Yanks out is a friend of mine!

    What teams did you grow up following and which players really inspired you to become ball players? Good luck in your games this week!

  3. thisisbeth@mchsi.com

    I’m glad you were able to update again–it’s a lot of fun for fans to read to see things from your perspective. Congrats on some good outings!

  4. swimguy850@yahoo.com

    Nice job on your outings, keep it up!
    As for the World series, I was cheering for the Mets after the Twins got knocked out. Anyone in the same city that does better than the Yankees is fine with me.

  5. Twin

    Lets see… Cheering for the Cardinals ( a friend of mine is on the team, Skip Schumaker)…. Being from Pittsburgh, I grew up following the Pirates and still pay pretty close attention to how their big league team is doing. As for players, I was always a huge Andy Van Slyke fan…

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