The end in sight.

      Once again, sorry for the tardiness…My family was in town this weekend, so all my down time was spent hanging out with them (awesome all around). In any case, lets begin…

    In AFL baseball news, another up and down week here in Mesa for the Solar Sox. The longer we’ve been here, the more apparent it has become that this league is chock full of parity. No one team has really separated itself from the competition, and every game seems to be a toss-up. Barring the occasional football score ( eg our 21-3 victory today over Grand Canyon), most games seem to be pretty tight affairs. Our record now stands at 12-12, trailing only the Phoenix Desert Dogs (16-8) in terms of overall record in the league. Anyway, we only have 8 games left out here in Arizona, and it looks like it might come right down to the wire.

    As for my personal performances during the week, Ive held pretty steady. Another 4 innings, 1 more run, holding my ERA at a steady 2.25. I started on Saturday on the road against the Scottsdale Scorpions. It was a pretty strong outing, but not without some minor struggles. 4 hits and a walk put runners on in every inning, so it was tough to ever fall into a groove. The only run came in the fourth when Ryan Braun and Mark Reynolds led off the inning with back to back hits. I settled down and worked out of the inning with no further damage, but it would have been nice to finish scoreless. On the whole, my experience out here has been a great one, lots of minor adjustments leading to more consistent results. It looks like I’ll end up throwing two more times out here, so ill keep you updated accordingly.

    In non AFL news, another tough week for Twins/Steelers fans. As everyone knows Francisco Liriano underwent Tommy John surgery on Monday, and will most likely miss all of the 2007 season. As bad as this is, the success rate for pitchers undergoing Tommy John is phenomenal, and we are all expecting him to pick  up right where he left off this year. As for the Steelers, another difficult defeat… I don’t even know how to describe it otherwise. I’m not sure what they need to change, but it seems like ‘a lot’ about sums it up..

    Anyway, that’s all for now… we actually have a guest blogger in this week.. so stay tuned for an update from super utility man Matt Tolbert. See you soon.



    Whats up Slowe, Hope you stop down and see us over Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    Frank, Flanny Dom and Matt at The Bianco School of Baseball

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