Another Off Day in the Books….

    Well, another Sunday, another entry. Not really too much to report on here in Mesaville, Az, but here’s the rundown….

     The last week in baseball out here was pretty mundane. The Mesa Solar Sox posted a very run of the mill 2-3 record. We dropped three straight games to start the week, which wasn’t too smooth. Now, the Fall League certainly isn’t all about our W-L record, but winning is way more fun that losing. Anyway, we finished the week with back-to-back wins… way better. I only pitched in one of the games, at home on Wednesday, against Scottsdale. I came out the the bullpen to throw one inning, as I was slated to go to Surprise on Saturday to participate in the "AFL Rising Stars Showcase". The inning started a little shaky, but I escaped only giving up one hit and one hit batsmen… no serious damage. As for the "Rising Stars" game, I was a fantastic spectator.. I ended up not throwing, but still collected my part of the $500-a-head winners purse ( not too shabby).

      In non-AFL news this week, the San Louie Cardinals cleaned house to win the World Series. I wasn’t really pulling for either team, but I was happy to see a buddy of mine, Skip Schumaker, on the Cardinals bench during the whole Series.

    Off the field news this week includes the Steelers dropping another game, this time in Oakland….bad news all around. Also, a handful of guys (including myself) went to the theater to see "The Prestige"… one of the best movies Ive seen in a long time, I highly recommend it.  That’s all for now… be back in a few.



    Random question:
    What do you think about when you pitch? Are you able to focus solely on the game and what you need to do? Or do you get distracted by other things going on in your life?

    There’s a book about that and it just made me curious.


    Hey Kevin, just wanted know what your workout routine consists of, and how much stronger you feel know than compared to college days.

    FYI im still better looking than you. Oh, I want some ying ling??? dont know how to spell


    Hey you guys had a GREAT comeback today (Monday). David! 4 RBIs and a homerun! You had a great game! Congrats guys keep it up!

    Oh and the mets4me guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Minor league is great! Go Sox!

  4. Twin

    Alright… as for what I think about when I pitch…’nothing’ would be the right answer, but thats pretty much impossible. Every pitcher tries his hardest to focus only on the game, and the best ones seem to be able to. Its one of those things that you have to really focus on every outing.

  5. Twin

    Danny Beeeeaner.. you are the man. Sorry I missed your call, but everything out here is going great.Ill give you a ring later this week to catch up. Keep being the man…

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