Off Day

  Ok, its an off day… The first one since we have been here, which is actually pretty similar to our regular season schedule (12 games 1 off day, more or less). Anyway, after last night’s game Dave and I snuck a quick work out in before heading back to the condo. We both caught up on some sleep this morning before setting out to find clippers for some in-clubhouse haircuts. After an afternoon lounge out by the pool we are both just hanging out here watching the Cards-Mets game.

   As for this weeks games, they didnt go quite as well as we wanted as a team, with our record just 1-3-1 at the moment. Yes we have ties in this league, and no I didnt know that until the end of the 11th in Suprise when our whole dugout started packing up to head out. It turns out we actually don’t tie, but instead the game was ‘suspended’ until we play Suprise again, the rule is really just in place to protect a team that might run out of pitchers at the end of the game. Our lone win on the week came against Suprise at home, but all of our games have been pretty close. Also, unlike most of the other games in the league, all of our games have been relatively low-scoring. No real clue as to why its been that way, but it has.

   Personally, I threw twice during the past week, both outings coming out of the pen. To tell you the truth, Im still kinda getting used to relief pitching. The whole ‘ getting warm in-game’ is still odd for me, so Ive just been leaving myself as much time as possible. Anyway, both outings went pretty well. I threw a scoreless ninth to pick up the save in our win over Suprise ,and then came in for 2.2 in my second outing ( 3 hits, 1 run). Neither outing was great, but everything seems to be coming along, so we shall see I guess. 

Thats all for now, time to get back to the game….. David Wright just went deep to put the Mets on top 2-1 in St Louis. Hes pretty good at baseball….
Be back in a couple days.




    Love the blog…I find myself checking for updates 3 or 4 times a day, not your fault of course..its my own impatience. You are off to a nice start Slowey, keep it up! Ya David Wright is pretty good I think the post-season pressure was gettting to him at first. later


    I love that you guys are doing this blog! Thanks for doing it. Yeah, the suspended game confused me too. You guys were going to win it too. Good luck this week!


    Took in my first game last night, in Scottsdale, Came to see mr tuiasasopoo, Im from seattle, so wanted to catch him playing, but he had the nite off,so saw mr garciaparra have a good nite, good looking player,My roomie and my son who play at chandler-gilbert cc are going up to peoria again tonite to see my roomies old friend he grew up with, mr garciaparra.

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