Welcome home..

        Or something like that…. Well I left Durham this morning on a7:30 flight non-stop to Phoenix. ( Just a note: Southwest Airlines is
the stupidest, and their check-in/boarding group procedures are
straight out of the  How to be an Idiot Handbook ) Anyway,
after a pretty easy flight in, I took the shuttle to beautiful HoHoKam
Park for our 9-10:30 workout. We pulled into the park just in time to
sneak in some light long toss and running before calling it a day. I
didn’t really get a chance to introduce myself to any of the other guys
on the team, but we have another ‘ workout ‘ tomorrow so Im sure Ill
get to know a few of them.
     After the practice fake-out, I showered up and headed out to one
of the many Arizona malls with Matt Tolbert, David Winfree, and Matt
Moses.. all Twins, and future blog authors. The mall trip wasn’t really
anything to speak of and we finished up the day with the other
prerequisite move-in chores : unpacking/grocery
shopping/cleaning/laundry.. you name it.
     That’s all for now, ill try to get some pictures up of the place
if I can figure out the html password, digi-code, or whatever its


  1. jenkmrn00@aol.com

    Thanks for doing this. It’s great to hear from some of the other Twins orginizations. Keep writing and I’ll keep following (now that there is no Twins baseball to watch). Good luck with things!!

    Jennifer from Rochester, MN

  2. smallyellowrodents@yahoo.com

    Kevin I am looking forward to hearing from all of you down in sunny and warm Arizona. Being a Twins fan in Southwest Wisconsin I have been able to see most of the Twins prospects play either in Beloit or Quad Cities.

    You are our future and it does look bright!

  3. srusiakmichael@hotmail.com

    Kevin, It’s great to hear from the AZL. Looking forward to hearing more from all of you. THANKS!!! and Good Luck


  4. theberg512@yahoo.com

    thanks for doing this, it’s good to hear things from your guys’ perspectives

    ya know, i think i’ve met the guy who wrote the handbook….i agree that they are totally inept, but on what other airline can you still get peanuts?

  5. thisisbeth@mchsi.com

    Best wishes, Kevin. I “watched” your progress throughout the past year, and I’m looking forward to “seeing” more of what you do.

    Thanks for blogging. It’s great to see things from the other side of the fence.

  6. jeklegal@yahoo.com

    Kevin / proball player ~

    Cute posting. Please try to be considerate to Southwest Airline personnel or any other service-related people you come into contact in your baseball career. . . anyway, they probably believe that baseball players are “idiots” just as you believe that they are . . one good turn deserves another. Anyway, most people are not as fortunate as you pro ball players . . please keep in mind your good fortune, when dealing with people who do not spend time playing a game.

  7. jamie.wicks@edwardjones.com

    Welcome to AZ!!! I’m a former Minnesota native, now living in Phoenix. Southwest does ****, but there are certainly worse out there. Good luck this fall season.

  8. gonegoogling@gmail.com

    SOUTHWEST AIRLINES IS GARBAGE!!!!!FOR BETTER SERVICE YOU BETTER GO GREYHOUND!!!Man thats funny<–just for the record… Hey thanks for the blog, unfortunately people will now be reading all of my comments…some of which will make no sense at all. Anyways looking forward to the fall league and I hope you guys update this often as I will be reading daily, thanks!]]]]]]]]random thoughts: Torii is worth every penny and I will be very disappointed If he isn’t the first centerfielder to take the field in the new balllpark; Shannon Stewart should be prime for spring training<–thats awesome; and my dream about Santana pitching in game five at the dome against the A’s…I woke up and quickly tried to go back to sleep and get back into it but it was too late. I was sad I dont remember more..but Im sure he was taking no prisoners…later.

  9. garyckelly@gmail.com


    cute posting yourself. maybe if you would have read the initial post a little more closely, you would have realized that kevin was commenting about southwest’s PROCEDURES, not their PERSONNEL.

    anyway, thanks for your defense of my airline.

    Gary C. Kelly,

    Vice Chairmain and CEO, Southwest Airlines

    ps – we actually do use the HTBAI handbook, and our airline is in fact the stupidest. go twins!

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